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About Us

The health and fitness industry is constantly evolving, yet the core focus never changes: People have needs and goals, that require professional help and encouragement to achieve. 

At I.F.Q. we recognise the need to stay up-to-date with the latest fitness developments, while refusing to forsake the core reason for our existence; people who have goals and specific needs. 

What is true of fitness clients is the same with today’s budding fitness professionals. Learners ought to expect the most relevant training material and methods, without any compromise to the essential syllabus. 

While certain aspects of learning will demand quality, in-person, training, we have embraced cutting edge e-learning coursework that allows our students to work at a pace that suits them, and in a format that keeps them engaged.  

This “blended” model of learning provides the right balance of one-to-one training, with coursework at your pace, enabling you to balance your learning with a busy life, and in a safe environment.

For more information check out our courses and book in, or get in touch for more information. 

It’s time to make a career of your dream!

Why Choose us


I.F.Q. combine the most up-to-date training methods with all of the practical tools you will need. E-learning allows you to do coursework at your own pace, while  practical modules are delivered by some of the best in the industry.

Our Mission


I.F.Q. exists to educate and enhance high quality professionals within the health and fitness industry. 

Our Vision


I.F.Q. aims to create a new standard in fitness education. In this rapidly evolving sector we aim to keep our community of learners at the cutting edge of what’s going on, empowering professionals to deliver each clients needs to the highest possible standard.

What Students Say



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James Smith

Apps Developer

I recommend these courses to everyone, and wish you, guys, luck with the new studies! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing.

Monica Blews

UX Designer

I am grateful for your wonderful course! Your tutors are the best, and I am completely satisfied with the level of professional teaching.

Eleanor Baker

CFO Apple Corp