Educating & up-skilling fitness professionals

About Us

Firstly welcome to IFQ. Let us put you at ease and show you why you should take your first step with us into YOUR brand new and exciting future today. My name is Kurtis Gibson and I have over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry, both as a personal trainer and a gym owner. With many years of experience comes many highs and lows. If there was a mistake to be made or a bump in the road to hit, you can almost guarantee I did. With lots of different qualifications and learning over the years I soon recognised the importance of good quality learning. So when I began to look closely at what would be the most effective and beneficial for new, up and coming and also experienced personal trainers, I realised that I wanted to put together a revolutionised online learning experience.

Why Choose us


I.F.Q. combine the most up-to-date training methods with all of the practical tools you will need. E-learning allows you to do coursework at your own pace, while  practical modules are delivered by some of the best in the industry.

Our Mission


I.F.Q. exists to educate and enhance high quality professionals within the health and fitness industry. 

Our Vision


I.F.Q. aims to create a new standard in fitness education. In this rapidly evolving sector we aim to keep our community of learners at the cutting edge of what’s going on, empowering professionals to deliver each clients needs to the highest possible standard.